You will find here all the elements you need for the promotion of the band
First, high definition pictures for the visual needs.
Then live and unplugged versions of some tracks that should enable the concerts organizer to get a right idea about how THOM THOM sounds on stage.

High definition pictures for the press

Picture made by cartoonist SERA

Photographs by Bertrand EYCHENNE

Photographs by Virgine NOËL (AsiaLIFE)

Photographs by Maren BEKKER (ARD)

"Live" songs

Conscious of the sound difference between a record and a concert, THOM THOM do not want the gig organisers to be surprised or even disappointed by the difference of musical rendering within the two spaces.
So, here some "live" tracks. Contrary to some records with the "live" label but retouched in studio, all the recording tracks (recorded with local equipment...) have remained the same in order to show the level of the band's performance.
The pictures going with these tracks are available on the DVD "En route pour ?" (On the Road to?) produced by the band at the beginning of 2008 and whose extracts are available at the videos page

"Live" at PHARE PONLEU SELPAK on Battambang, November 4th, 2007

Help me! (Khmer)

Palm tree (Khmer)

Lexus (Khmer)

"Live" at the French Cultural Centre in Phnom Penh on November 8th, 2007

Ton beau 4x4 (Your nice 4WD/French)

Inondée (Flooded/French)

THOM THOM "unplugged"

For the venues wishing a more intimate mood, the band can also play his songs with acoustic instruments.
Here are three songs giving an idea of the music when the big amps and the big drumsticks are kept at bay.

Amour étranglé (Strangled Love/French)

Casseur (Smasher/French)

Voyage au Pays du Sourire (Travel to the Land of the Smile/French)